Welcome to my house.
Christmas on Mabbet
The images on the left will navigate you to rooms around the house and what's been going on in them. While the text below will give you a history of the property and how it became my home.

A. E. White House
2965 S. Mabbett Ave
Bayview, WI


The permit for this Craftsman Home was issues to A.E. White on May 29, 1913. The permit refers to this home as being a Framed Cottage. The cost to build the home in 1913 was $3,000 plus a permit fee of $2.37. When the City Assessor toured the house soon after I bought it, he called it a transitional home combining both elements of a typical Milwaukee Bungalow with that of a Craftsman style house. City records have an application on file from July, 1952 to have an oil boiler installed which shows the owner as a J.A. Wells. The house was last sold to a Mrs. Marjorie Partl in April of 1965 who was the owner until Aug 15, 2006 when it was sold to me.

Marjorie wasn't at the closing, but it was her son who told me about her. She owned a bar on Conway in Bay view that is now called the Newport . Apparently, when she retired in 1965 and sold the bar, she moved into this house and as the son put it "did nothing". I learned that sometime in the late 1940's early 1950's, the shop teacher at Boy's Technical College owned the house and did significant modifications to it. He took out a bedroom on the first floor combining it with the kitchen, adding knotty pine paneling, removing a butler's pantry and replacing the original kitchen cabinet doors with “not so pretty” pine. He also most likely removed the original wood paneling in dining room, bookcases and pillars that separated the living room and dining room, wood columns in the living room and painted the woodwork white.

The house originally went on the market in early October of 2005. I accidentally saw the house when I miscommunicated with my realtor, and saw this house instead of the one across the street. I fell in love with it as soon as the front door opened, but was strongly advised not to buy it because it would be a “money pit”. Over the course of the next several months, I had four other houses of interest fall apart. After each of those deals, my mind keep going back to that cute little fixer up house on Mabbett in Bayview. One Sunday afternoon, I was sitting in my parents kitchen when I announced to my Mother that I was going to call my realtor and go back to see the house that kept calling me. My Mother said “don't go see that piece of sh*t house”. Like a good son, I didn't listen to her and the next day made an appointment and had a home inspection. To my surprise, the inspection went much better than I had thought and that night I made a really low offer. After 2 days of counter offers, sitting on the market for almost one year, and having 2 deals fall part, my offer was accepted in June of 2006. When I called my Mother with the good news, she was less than happy until the following Sunday we drove over and she looked through the windows and saw the beauty that I saw in it.

The house original asking price was $219,000 but we settled on a price of $165,000.

Outside - Updated 7/10/07